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It All Started in 2001

Cole Clark Guitars was born out of a desire to not only build some of the finest acoustic guitars on the planet, but also to ensure that the amplified, plugged-in sound is as great as the natural acoustic sound. With that in mind, the electronics were the first priority, and then the guitars were designed to reinforce that forward-thinking technology.

Additionally, Cole Clark is committed as a guitar manufacturer to responsible stewardship of the planet’s natural resources. From the start, Cole Clark has made guitars that included some commonly-used endangered timbers but at the same time we used the lessons learnt from guitar makers in North America and Europe and explored our own country, Australia. We looked for tone woods which are sometimes similar and sometimes unique to traditional tone woods. Sometimes they are the same species that are endangered in other parts of the world but sustainable when grown and harvested sustainably in Australia.

Founded in 2001, Cole Clark combines classical construction with innovative design and manufacturing techniques to produce a lighter, stronger, unique guitar with a natural amplified sound.


– Cole Clark started by Bradley Clark and Adam Cole to make a Spanish Heel through neck acoustic guitar with the world’s best pickup.
-10 Investor Share Holders fund the business.
– Purchase 2 x 5 Axis CNC Router, sanders, band saws compressors, climate control, forklift, wood drying kilns, paint booth.
– Release ‘Mistress’, ‘Guardian’ and ‘Culprit’ Electric Guitar models and Violap Lapsteel.
– Release Fat Lady Acoustic guitar and 2 Way pickup featuring Patented Face Sensor
– Adam Cole leaves Cole Clark.
– Release ‘Ukelady’ concert and ‘Jack Tenor’ Ukulele.
– Release ‘Angel’ Grand Auditorium.
– New Bracing System introduced for Acoustic Fat Lady
– Bradley Clark departs Cole Clark
– Introduced the new 3 Way pickup
– Cease production of electric guitars.
– Miles Jackson joins as CEO. (Miles was an original investor).
– Re-spec range making all 2 and 3 Series guitars with 3 Way pickup as standard and 1 Series with 2 Way pickups.
– Introduce non cutaway ‘Angel’ Grand Auditorium and match feature sets and price points of Angels and Fat Ladies.
– Adjust bracing behind the bridge on both acoustic models.
– Major fire, 5 months out of production, new CNC, paint booth, drying kilns, redesign, production flow and quality control.
– Discontinue Ukulele’s
– Introduce Australian Grown Californian Redwood
– Recover from fire, rebuild new systems.
– Make Headstock Fascia standard on all 2 and 3 series guitars.
– Prototype and release ‘Little Lady’ Mini Guitar.
– Introduce African Mahogany grown in Australia
– Prototype ‘Long Lady’ Electric Bass guitar.
– Launched Cole Clark USA
– Signed partnership with Korg, USA to boost distribution in the United States